Welcome to Karen Austin Creations, a site specializing in pressed flower art, enhanced with pastels, tree bark, and grasses.  These mediums allow me to create my one of kind pieces. Some pieces are augmented with hand made paper.  This organic pallet speaks volumes of the perfect beauty that can only be created by nature.  Artists have tried to duplicate this perfection for as long as art has been made by man.  I gave up trying to mimic the hand of God and let the petals speak their next life to me.

I combine whole flowers and parts of flowers to create traditional floral motifs as well as whimsical interpretations of fairies, fish, birds and landscapes.  If you look closely you will see the pictures as a whole and hopefully appreciate them for what they depict.  If you study the pieces you will see some have over a thousand petals meticulously placed with tweezers and taking up to 60 hours to complete.  In a way it is the sum of the parts, that when grouped together create the whole, and can transport you to that place of willing disbelief.

I have yet to find a template that refuses to accept the use of flowers as a medium for creation.  Flowers can morph into anything………….wall art, nightlights, votives, magnets, book marks, greeting cards, decorative tins, seasonal ornaments, photo mats and jewelry.  The list is long and I am still sticking flowers on just about anything.

Have a look around and if you want to hold on to that fragile and fleeting beauty of a flower for years to come, this is the place for you.

I am also available for commissions and I can create specific color combinations to match any décor.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Karen lives in Escondido Ca.with her husband Henry on a small ranch with horses, dogs, and chickens. Karen grows most of the flowers she preserves. After 35 years in the professional audio world she retired and started pressing flowers.

Karen is proud to be a member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild.  The guild is a group of talented artists that are from around the globe and each member possesses a wealth of knowledge and individual expertise about their craft.  Members share their art and experience through master classes.  The guild is dedicated to bringing awareness of this unique art form to the rest of the world.